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About Black & White Luxury Travel in Iceland

Black & White Travel is a deluxe travel service for discerning visitors wishing to experience Iceland to the fullest, while feeling more like guests than tourists.

Whether you seek comfortability in lodging and travel, exquisite cuisine, professional guides, or something spectacular in your vacation, we at Black & White Travel will meet your wishes.

By selecting Black & White Travel as your travel service provider, you will enjoy polite efficient service and hospitality at all times.

Whether you prefer a well organized pre-arranged itinerary, packed with interesting and fun things, or would rather like a relaxed and unrestrained leisure trip with loose schedule, let us at Black & White Travel design the perfect private journey for you.

We at Black & White Travel can arrange for you premier hotels, optimal transport, fine dining, theater tickets, exotic adventures, excellent attractions, field trips, unrivaled nightlife, supreme shopping, professional shopping assistants and expert guides.

Black & White Travels will go above and beyond the call of duty. No journey is complete without that extra, unexpected “and” that makes your experience unique and unforgettable.

We organize tailor-made private luxury travel for individuals and groups. We have a personal stake in making our clientele happy with their stay in Iceland. Your holiday can be an all-inclusive vacation where we see to your every need.

Black & White Travel is all about personal service. You decide how much you would like to include in your customized vacation. Our dedication to providing exemplary assistance to the most particular clients encompasses the entire Iceland luxury travel, lifestyle management and concierge services.

The in-depth knowledge of the area can only be found in a company with a local ties, which makes us particularly equipped to provide the utmost in first class services for all your Icelandic destination desires.

The expectations of our most discerning clients is merely the base minimum we strive for. What we deliver is so much more.

Iceland continues to become more popular for an international vacation destination. Perfect for relaxation and excitement, many celebrities, famous personalities and business executives enjoy the unique features Iceland has to offer. Many flock to this northern country for the glorious natural scenery, clean, crisp air and pure glacial waters.

Our goal is to create the ultimate vacation experience for discriminating travelers, whether they come alone or in a group. Every step of the way, sheer luxury and comfort is at the top of our focus list.

For our clients who enjoy more exclusive travel arrangements, we can accommodate the desire for private jets and helicopters to transport you throughout Iceland.

We offer an exhaustive array of hotels and inns to suit your every whim. If they do not suffice, we also can arrange lodging in one of our exclusive lists of private properties. Our concierge service can help you no matter where you stay to make your time in Iceland truly a luxurious experience.

The combination of Iceland’s awe-inspiring scenery, adventure or relaxation in equal measure and the ultimate in luxury creates a true journey of mind, body and spirit. We offer experiences specifically catering to your needs and desires.

Our professional concierges have extensive local knowledge and a true drive to make every travelers experience amazing from start to finish. B&W Travel Concierge Service is dedicated to every aspect of Icelandic travel.

Our Team

Stefan Orn Thorisson
Bjorn Thor Kristjansson
Inga Hronn Georgsdottir
Valur Magnusson


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